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Thank you for your support which is of great help to us and humbly thank you from our hearts. 
Your gift, no matter how small, adds abundance to your heavenly reward. Your continued generosity will help us continue serving         St. Cyril The Sixth Coptic Orthodox Church in Jacksonville. 

Leaf Pattern Design

By Check

Make check payable to:

St. Cyril The Sixth Coptic Orthodox Church

100 Bernard Road

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Leaf Pattern Design


Donation via Zeffy

Please click link below

Please Kindly Note:
When you donate through Zeffy to St. Cyril The Sixth Coptic Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, you will always receive a confirmation e-mail, which will serve as your receipt. You also can print the confirmation page that appears on your computer screen after you've completed your contribution—that can also serve as a receipt. You should always keep a hard copy of your receipt for your tax records.

Due to donations via Zeffy, St. Cyril The Sixth Coptic Orthodox Church in Jacksonville may not be able to send you a tax receipt at the end of the year for any Zeffy donations. 


Please kindly keep all email confirmations after Zeffy donations to serve as tax-deductible donations.

Thank you. God bless you.

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